Things to do in Istria

If you have ever been to Istria, you will surely agree with us – it is a true gem of the Mediterranean! There’s much to be discovered, and every season reveals itself with new colours. If this is your first time visiting, there is an exceptional palette of activities waiting for you.

Explore a range of must-see attractions and must-do activities, which are certain to impress you and leave you wanting to come back for more. From the unique truffle hunting experience, fishing or sailing, our Concierge team will be delighted to prepare a customised itinerary of your Istrian adventures during your stay at Kempinski Hotel Adriatic.

Explore the local area

Only a few kilometres from our luxury hotel, you will find the charming old town of Savudrija and discover a place where people still use the traditional method of storing fishermen’s boats.

This romantic scene is particularly popular for picture-taking at sunset time. While you are there, visit the old lighthouse, which is actually the oldest lighthouse on the eastern Adriatic. It was designed by the architect Pietro Nobile and built in 1818. This 36-metres-high lighthouse is still in use.

Visit art galleries in Grožnjan and have a truffle hunting experience near Motovun

If you decide to visit Grožnjan, you will discover one of the most beautiful pearls of the region of Istria. Grožnjan is a meeting point for international artists, a centre for young people from around the world who come here for a summer music school and attend classes for various instruments. Painters, sculptors and ceramists founded an artists’ colony here back in 1965. Today, there are over 30 different galleries and art studios in Grožnjan. Walking along the narrow streets, you will find some of the most beautiful souvenirs of colourful Istria.

Motovun is a charming medieval town that has situated itself on a hill and is surrounded by walls which date from the 13th and the 14th century. A visit to Motovun will reward you with a magnificent view of the Mirna valley and the Motovun forest – home to the world-famous truffles.